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TD75 type fixed belt conveyor

TD75 type fixed belt conveyor(hearinafter referred to as TD series),becuase of its features:large conveying capacity,simple construction,easy to maintain,low cost,  and etc, is widely used for conveying bulk materis or finished goods in the fields of metallurgy,coal,transpoertation,water and power department.According to the conveying  process requirement,only one machine can convey material ,and several machines and other conveyor can horzontally or obliquely convey materials togenter.(Production lcense:XK06-005-00220) 

TD series can be used in the environment temperature from+40 to -10,and if the conveying material termperature is under 50,but you need use this equipment under the condition of explosion-proof,water-proof,corrosion-proof and heat&cold resistance, you should adopt related protection for this type equipment.

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