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Model DSF sorter

Model DSF sorter is the auxiliary equipment of the extruding and grinding system which is specially used in the cement industry.The crusher,scattering machine and separator have been integrated by it,the process flow is simplified,the occupoed area is decreased,and the investment is saved.The rolling mill and grinding united system is commonly composed of the sorter,the rolling press and the tube mill. and it has the following features:to greatly improve the grinding power,to reduce voltage of the system and other features,so it is widely used in the cement industry.

The material cakes which are extruded by the rolling press, after elevated by the bucked elevator,the materials respectively from the two feed inlets of the sorter enter into the sorter. The material cakes are crushed  through the high speed and rotary beating disc,one part is impacted into the impact-plate which is installed on the shell and then the materials are carried out the secondary crushing.The crushed materials enter into the classified room through the collecting hopper,and then they are dispersed onto the scattering disc through the left and right sides of the material port.The materials are adequately,uniformly dispersed into the inner wall of the classified room to form the material screen through the effort of the centrifugal force.Through the classified area,because of the efforts of the gravity and wind power,and in the materials the qualified fine powder is blown and fallen into the between the inside shell and outside shell,at last they are collected by the dust collecting hopper to cominto being the finished productes.Vice versa,the rough powder falls into the inside shell,then they come out from the rough power port through the bucket elevator and return into the rolling press to carry out the renewed extrusion.


 Product serial


 Dim.of outer cylinder(mm)

 Dim.of beating disc(mm)

 Motor power(kw)

Trough capacity(m3/h) 


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 600 Serial






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