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Model V-XY separator

Model V-XY separator is the new type separating equipment which is developed by our company on the basis of introducing and absorbing domestic and international advanced separating powder technology,the various rolling and grinding system is composed of its common complete set and the roller press.

Model V is the new type separator,generally the various rolling and grinding system is composed of the separator and the roller press, Model V separator beats and classifies the material cakes which is rolled by the roller press,according to the requirements of the process it can dryings the material. The appearance of the model V-XY separator  makes the rolling and grinding system have the new life and energy, In order to sttisfy the requirements of the material quantity and the material fineness of the model V-XY separator during the different process project. The diameter of the particle which is separated by the series of V-XY separator is less than 0.2mm.also the fineness of the particle can be changed by the adjusting the air volume and the direction of the impeller.

Model V-XY separator is the static separator which is entirely decided by the scattering of the gravity and is decided by the separation of the wind power,and the separator is used to separate the cohesionless and low moisture materials, and the separator can be used in the rough grinding and rough separating process excluding the rolling and grinding system.

When the sepearted materials have the heavy moisture,the hot air can enter into the separator by the air inlet to drying.

In order to ensure the functions of the separator, the wind power of the air circulating system should be controlled, the air leakage of the feed inlet and the return charge port should be reduced, and the feeding of the separator should be distributed evenly.

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