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HMC single-pulse dust collector

General Description
HMC Bag Filter is  a small-scale bag filter that improved and designed by absorbing and assimilating products of the same kind both at home and abroad. There are six  types of
this series, and each type can be divided into standard A type with  ash bucket and open flange B type (without ash bucket). Its structure consists  of filtering rate, bag
filter, purification rate, ash bucket, cinder valve, electric  control device of pulse plenum and so on. It is widely used in filtering and  clearing for non-standard powder
of metallurgy, building material, chemical  industry.

Clearing ash adopts pulse plenum, it has advantage of  good clearing impression, high clearing efficiency, long service life of bag  filter, and the air volume that being treated is large, the workload of  maintenance is little, and the operation is safety and credible.

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