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PPCS/A plenum pulse bag type dust collector

General Description
Plenum-pulse Filter is an efficiency bag filter that  designed and manufactured by bringing in the technology of American Fuller  company. It is widely used in filtering for systems of Crusher, Ball Mill, Vertical  mill, Dryer, O-sepa, Grate cooler and Packing machine of building materials, metallurgy,  electric power industry, etc.

1.The filter has advantages of Jet Pulse Plenum Bag Filter and bag filter such as locale blowback, it overcomes  disadvantages of number of the pulse valve for Jet Pulse Plenum Bag Filter is  too large, and replacing bags inconveniently, filtering and clearing ash at the  same time, and intensity of clearing ash for Locale Blowback Bag Filter is not  enough, so it makes bag filter increase its adaptability, improve its filtering  efficiency and extend the life-span of bag filter.
2.The filter adopts single pulse valve to equipped and  spray the bags, the top of neck of bag doesnt need to spray, dismantling and  changing bags are extremely convenient. When clearing ash, adopts methods of  box by box can avoid problems of secondary rising of Jet Pulse Plenum Bag Filter ,and ensure the efficiency of clearing ash.
3.he design of the whole box adopts total pipe structure  of import and export. The ash bucket can extrude into undersurface in import  pipe, that makes smoke with dust
content that has entered come into the  expansile ash bucket and achieve the efficiency of pre-filtering. So filter of  this series can handle dust-laden gas not only with common consistence but also  high consistence which is up to 1000g/cm3.

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