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Electric dust collector/E.P.

 BS930 electric dust collector is a new dust collector basing on Lurgi GmbH technology developed by our company. The shell adopts box type beam frame construction, which has the features such as light weight, high strengthen, high stability and installation convenient. As a anti-explosion product , this serial dust collector not only have been done special treatment for shell and internal construction, but also assembled with explosion automatic warning system, if explosion happens, the automatic releasing device on the shell will auto-start immediately , to promise the whole machine safety. ZT-24 type anode plate and B5(V15,V0) cathode rays construction for electric fieldsand 400mm width of channelthese rays collocation method can improve the electric fields average voltage and the plate current densityand also have high charge capability to the high resistivity dust particle which is difficult to trap to  improve the dust migration velocity and the dust collecting efficiency. Two-pole rappers adopt lateral rapping by rocker hammers, and the rapping speed can reach to 200gg means acceleration of gravity , running safety and less maintenance working . the gas inlet port has upper inlet portunder inlet port and horizontal inlet port three types. In the inlet port equipped with gas distribution plate can make gas uniform distribution. It is necessary to adopt hinge type and shutter type upper inlet port or under inlet port to treat gas with high dust content.

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