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Model HRM&Model PRM Roller Mill

Model HRM & Model PRM roller mills are new equipment desighed by digesting and assiminating advanced technology introduced from other countries. It through grinding rollers to roll & press the materials(0-40mm) on the rotating grinding pan with pressure and grind them to be reached up to the relevant finess. It has good advantages of high grinding efficiency, big drying capacity,product finess is easy to be adjusted, low noise, low power consumption, simple process flow, low abrasiveness, operating cost saving and etc.

Under the same process conditions and rotating speed, grinding pan diameter material level, grinding roller pressure are all the same, grinding efficiency of Model PRM roller mill can be rasied more than 30%, average power consumption can be saved about 8.2%, and impact vibration of the overall unit could be obviously reduced. With international advanced technology and national leading manufacturing quality, it has passed the Ministry-level test and listed as state-level new product in 1995.

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