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FU-Type Chain Conveyor

General Description
FU Chain Conveyor is a new type nonstop conveying  equipment of conveying powder materials in level (or inclination is not greater  than 15). It can be widely used in building materials,metallurgy, chemical  engineering industry.

1.High conveying  efficiency: Materials are holistic flow in the slot of conveyor, so the smaller  slot space can convey great deal of materials, and the external dimension  should also be reduced corresponding to it.
2.Low consumption: The machine transports by dint of  internal friction among materials, thereis no friction between conveyor chain  and mantle. In condition of equal transport capacity and longer delivery  distance, the power consumption of the machine is about 40% lower than Screw  Conveyor.
3.Low failure rate: The roller in the conveyor chain rolls  on the guide rail, and there is no friction between conveyor chain and mantle.  Chain is manufactured by heat treatment of alloy steel, and its normal service  life is about 3 years, the failure rate of operation is low. There are no  lubrication points in conveyor except shafts between head and trail.

Type choosing and processing setup
The specifications and the main parameters of Chain  conveyer are listed in List one. The list shows scopes of conveying capacity of  various conveyors in different chain speed. The same transport capacity can  choose different machine types in the list. If choose larger machine type, the  chain speed is slower, the attrition is low, but the costs for equipment are more, if smaller machine types are chose, then the chain speed is fast, the  attrition is higher but the cost is little. Which should be pointed is that when  the actual transport capacity isnt up to 65% of the transport capacity,  because the material layer in the slot is so thin that cause racing of the conveying chain, it will increase the attrition of the equipments. So the suggestion is that the actual transport capacity cannot be lower than the  minimum in the list one, but the value cannot be higher than the maximum in the  list after being multiplied by 1.2.

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