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NE(NSE) Chain Elevator

General Description
NE Chain Elevator is a new type conveying equipment  that developed by fetching in advance technology. The product has credible  performance and low power consumption, and has a widely adaptability for  materials conveying. It is widely used in industries of building material,  metallurgy, chemical engineering, electric power, grain and so on.

1¡¢Wide lifting scope: It can lift mealy¡¢granule and massive  materials, and the temperature of the materials can be up to 250 ¡æ£»
2¡¢Large conveying capacity: I t can meet the  requirements of products of 15~800m3/h£»
3¡¢Small driving  power: NE Bucket Elevator adopts inflow methods to feed materials, discharges materials by gravitational guide, which reduces the power of digging and taking  of hopper and
ensure that there is no fallback during discharging materials£»
4¡¢Long service life: There is seldom extrusion and  collision between materials because of feeding by inflow, which reduce the  abrasion of rub between materials and hopper. And the conveyor chain uses wear  resistant chain with high intensity , which extend the service life of
chain  and hopper, and the normal service life is over 5 years£»
5¡¢Low failure rate: After a hem, the mantle is pressed  and manufactured to molding. It has advantages of good rigidity, reasonable structural,  beautiful exterior, good leakproofness, operation smoothly. And it can be  running for more than 3 hours without failure.

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