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ICS(TDG,DEL)frequency governing dosing feeding weighing scale

General description
ICS(TDG,DEL)frequency governing dosing feeding weighing scale is the dynamo weighing equpment manufactured by our company£®and all kinds of lump or granular materals (like lmestone,iron powder,clay,etc)and powdery materials(like fly ash,cement,etc) can be transported continuously£¬measured dynamically and controlled to be fed by the scale
This product s sutable to be used in the following two control systems which are also developed byourcompany;
1£®Frequency governing dosing contnuous feeding system(With PL-91Aweighting ndicator and frequency governor);
2£®Computer centralized control dosing continuous feeding system£¨With PL-91Acomputercentralizedcontrolsystemandmutjchannelampliter,sooneset of the system can control 16 channels orabove£®andthatistosayitcancontroltwo mill at the same time.)

Gonstructlon features
(1) Integration and direct connection deceleration motor£®with low noises£®Sffisll VbrstiOD£¬dUSt r6SIStspt£®IODg lif6 SDd high rdliability;
(2) The annular belt without joint can transport the materials smoothly andwKhouNeakage£»
(3) The flange at the end face for the reducer is connected with the driving roller of the weighing scale drectfy£¬and it can smplify the design of the transmission part to makelhe hstaHahon very convenient;
(4) Particular design of spring leaf weighing mechanism and low electromagnetism gear speed detector£®the weighing signals and the tachometer signals are accurate and stable£»
(5) Particularanti¡ªmeanderingequipmentforthebelt£»
(6) The weighng scale is installed under the raw materials silo,and requires no electrical vibrating feeder or any other intermaeiate feeding facilities.

Main technical parameters
Dynamic accumulated error:Above 1.0%
-eighing signals linearity:Above 0.2%
-achometer signal:40 pulse/r
-atching AC asynchronous motor:0.75KW,1.5KW(quadrupole);
-he length of the weighing section:1m,The length of the buffer section:0.7m,The center distance between the driving roller and the driven roller is 1.7m
-he height from the belt surface to the foot instrling surface:Ther are two types(0.35m,0.5m)
-elt width:There are four types(500mm,650mm,800mm,1000mm);
-achine-hour transport capacity:0.05t/h-160t/h

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