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ZSF speed control cabinet for DC motor of rotary kiln

General Description
ZSF silicon controlled DC speed govering device is mainly used for adjusting the speed of the DC motor and it can be used in the control systems of the machine tool,the printing and dyeing industry,carpenty ,building cement ,chemical fiber,trombone-oioe,etc whose speed is requested to be adjusted evenly.The speeds of all kinds of DC motors within 10KW200KW can be adjusted by this device.
The structure of three phase fully controlled rectifying and double closed loop system are adopted for this device.The applicable rotaing speed is 2000r/m or under,the armature voltage is 200V or 440V,and the separated exciting DC motor of the tachogenerator should be attached.The speed adjustable range of the device should be 02000r/mand it can be started directly with loads.On the conditions that the speed ratio is with 1:5,the change of the mains voltage is 0.5HZ,the load fluctuation is 20% and the temperature fluctuation is 10,the static accuracy of the system should be 0.3%(the ratio of the relative tated roating speed to dynamic speed droop rate n/H1%,and max adjustable time t0.5s),and the speed dispersion after eidht hours driving should be 0.3%.The systems circuit contains the rectifying bridge,the excitation rectifier,the phase-shift circuit,the velocity electric current loop and the meter display,and it has the functions of overvoltage protection,overcurrent protection,etc.All
of the parts and components will be installed within acabinet,so it has the advantages of reasonble layout,compact conformation and easy to maintenance.

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