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BPT frequency governor


General Description
BPT Series Frequency Conversion Speed Governors are mainly used for the speed govering of driving motors controlled with industrial energy-saving mode.They have changed the controlling mode that relies on adjusting the opning of outlet valve to control flow while motor is running in full speed. Products in BPT series have found wide application in the fields of metallurgical industry,iron and steel,petrochemical industry,mining,buiding materials,food,pharmacy,textile,chemical fiber,paper-making,water supply as well as central air-conditioning systems.

Fundamental Principle
BPT series frequency conversion speed governors have adopted the advanced directional voltagevector-controlling mode,that is,a mode that magnetic field and monent do mot interfere each other and the moment is controlled in line with the doder.Controlling power frequency is adjusted to change the speed of motor by cutting PGV/Fin and out to control the speed and moment with high torque and high precision.

Performance Charcteristic
1Suitable for smooth staring and speed goveing of squirrel-cage motors.
2Good smoothness of speed governing:speed governing range:1:10-1:50.
3Having moment promoying function,automatically compensating moment when rotation rate is relative low.
4Having soft starting function.
5Having heditation accelerating and decelerating functions(stalling protection).
6Being equipped with an intellectual trouble-shooting system which has protection functions of over-voltage,under-voltage,under-current,overheat protection,current limiting.

External dimenslonsmmLWH Suitable motor parameters
Cooling mode
Rated powerKW Rated voltageV
BPT1-75/380 100010002200 75 380 Forced wind cooling
BPT1-110/380 100010002200 110 380
BPT1-132/380 100010002200 132 380
BPT1-160/380 100010002200 160 380
BPT1-200/380 100010002200 200 380
BPT1-250/380 100010002200 250 380
BPT1-380/380 100010002200 380 380
Notes to Order
When order arises,please inform us with related technical parameters of your motors,such as rated power,voltage and current as well as driven devices.

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