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LDQG HV electrohydraulic starter for cage type motor

General Description
LDDG Series High-Voltage Squirrel-Cage Motor Resistor Starters are starting devices that are developed oor improving the starting property of large and medium-sized high-voltage squirrel-cage AC asynchronous motor and high-voltage synchronous motor with asynchronous starting.They have the soft starting property of low and constand starting current an progressive incerease of rotation rate.Thier properties and effects are far better than that of reactor starting and step-down self-coupling devices.The rpoducts in LDQG series have fount wide application in starting highvoltage squirrel-cage AC asynchronous motors used in many industries such as iron and seel,petrochemical industry,building materials,chemical industry,chemical fertilizer,paper-making,pharmccy,metallurgical industrie.

Fundamental Principle
LDQG series high-voltage squirrel-cage motor liquid resistor starters allow the voltage of motor to increase with the decrease of the slip rate of motoe by changing the rdsistance of liquid resistor wired in the circuit of stator in series.Starting current keeps to the on that is 3 times lower than the rated curren.

Performance Characteristic
1. Having soft starting property,starting current ≤3 times the rated cruuent.
2. It can start motor 2-3 times contimuously and smoothly,no shock on mechanical equipment.
3. Very low influence on power transmission metwork,vlotage-drop in metwork is less than 5 percent when motor is started,power factor is more than 0.7
4. It is controlled in closed loop mode,starting current can bie preset and motor is started with constand current.

External dimensions (mm)(L×W×H) Suitable motor parameters Starting time (S) Working Temperature of liquid resistor (℃)
Curent capacity (A) Maximum power (KW) Rated voltage (V)
LDQG-100/□□ 1800×1460×2650 100 1500 10KV 10-40 ≤60
LDQG-150/□□ 150 2200
LDQG-200/□□ 200 3000 20-50
LDQG-300/□□ 1600×1800×2800
300 4500
LDQG-400/□□ 400 5600 20-60
LDQG-500/□□ 500 7000
LDQG-700/□□ 700 8400 30-70
LDQG-800/□□ 1500×1800×2800
800 11000
LDQG-1000/□□ 1000 15000
Notes to Order
When order srises,please inform us with related techincal parameters of your motor,such as rated power,voltage and current as well as driven devices.

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