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BYQ full automatic liquid resistance starter

General Description
BYQ Series Full Automatic Liquid Resistor Starters are the new products that the company has designed and developed to improve the staring property of large and medium-sized winding asynchronous motors.These devices have overcome the shortcomings of old starter,which it is large in staring current,it cannot be started continuously and it is difficult to start,it is short in service life and it is frequent in maintenance.The starters in BYQ series can be widely used for heavy load staring of the winding motors of ball grinders,air blowers,rolling mills,brakers,tering machines and pumps used in many industries,such as petrochemical industry,building materials,mining,metallurgical industry,srgar refining industry.
Fundamental Principle
The fundamental principle of BYQ series full automatic liquid resistor starters is to use the performance of their large thermal capacity to wire liquid resistor in the circuit of motor rotor in series,adjusting the resistance of the resistor continuously to enable the resistance to be changed from large to small,finally to zero,so as to realize to lower the voltage of motor,allowing the motor to run smoothly without shock.
Performance Charcteristic
1 .Low staring current:Starting current1.3times the rated cuuent,no shock on power trandmi-ssion network.
2. Good starting property:
1/It can be stared 5to 10 times continuously:no shock on the stress of mechanical equipment of which the service life will be prolonged.
2/It can be stared in low voltage:380V motor can be started in 340V,6KV motor can be started in 5.5KV and 10KV motor can be started in 9KV smoothly.
3. It is simple in structure,easy to operate,convenient to install and maintain.
Main Technical Parameters

External dimensionsmmLWH Suitable motor parameters Staring timeS Starting temperature
Maximum motor power kw Stator voltage
BYQ6-0.2 100010002200 200 380-10000 15 5
BYQ6-0.4 300 15 5
BYQ6-0.4 600 15-25 5
BYQ6-1 100010002200 1000 15-25 8
BYQ6-2 100010002200 2000 20-30 10
BYQ6-3 100010002200 3000 20-30 10
BYQ6-4 100010002200 4000 25-40 10
BYQ6-5 100010002200 6000 25-40 10
Notes to Order
When order arises,please inform us with related technical parameters of your motors,such as rated power,voltage and current of stator,and voltage and current of rotor.

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