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HPX static phase advancer

General Description
SP Series Static Phase Advancers qre on-site reactive power comprnsating devices that our company has developed fo large power three-phase winding asynchronous motors.A phase advancer is wired in the circuit of motor rotor to increase power factor of the motor,decrease stator current,lower the olss of lowvoltage motor and power transmission lines,so as to achieve the goal of energysaving.They have found wide application in large abd medium-sized winding asynchromous motors used in the rields of building materials,chemical industry,chemlcal fertilizer,paper making,pharmacy,metallurgical industry.
Fundamental Principle
SP Series Static Phase Advancers have been developed based on the principle that when an allowable voltage is connected in series to the rotor circuit of winding motor,both the reactive power of the motor and the current of the stator can be lowered.A phase advancer has a main AC-AC frequency conversion circuit consisting of thyristors.When sampling circuit detects the zero passage signal produced in rotor current of motor,main circuit controlled with advanced microcomputer controlling technique will change the AC voltage of 380V,50HZ into compensating voltage with the same frequency as that of rotor voltage and rotor current 90in phase lay to achieve the goal to raise the power factor of the motor.
Performance Charateristic
1Advanced AC-AC frequency conversion and microcomputer controlling technique and performance-price ratio.
2The power factor of motor can be raised to over 0.95.
3Stator current will be lowered by 10 percent to 20 percent to 20 percent,wire loss and copper loss will be lowered by 20percent.
4Temperature rise of motor will be decreased obviously,the overload capacity will be greatly staengthened and the service life of motor will also be prolongde.
5Having automatic protection function for such troubles as lacking phase and over-current.
6It is easy to operate,install,adjust and repair.
Main Technical parameters
External dimensionsmmLWH Suitable motor parameters
Maximum rotor currentA Maximum rated powerKW Rated working voltage of statorV
HPX-400 9007602000 4000 280 380-10000
HPX-600 9007602000 600 570
HPX-800 12008102000 800 1250
HPX-1000 12008102000 1000 1600
HPX-1200 12009102000 1200 2500
HPX-1500 14009102200 1500 4000
HPX-2000 16009602000 2000 6000
Definition of the Code
HPXCode name of product,meaning:static phase advancer
Suitable maximum rotor current of motor,expressed with Arabic figures,measure unit:A
Additional code:G-suitable for high-voltage motors,D-suitable for low-voltage motors.
Notes to Order
When order arises,please inform us with related technical parameters of your motors,such as rated power,voltage and current of stator,and voltage and current of rotor.

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