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GCS drawer type LV switch cabinet

General Description
GCS Low-wiltage withdrawable awitchager is a newtype low-voltage complete switchgear with foreign advanced techniques,it is meeting the requirements of loadability expansion,computer intertacing,powercontrol centralization.easy assembly and maintenance.It meets the requirements of IEC439-1°∂Low-voltage complete switch equipment and controller°∑GB7251°∂Low-voltage complete switch equipment and controller°∑JB/T9661°∂Low-voltage withdrawble switch eq uipment°∑standard.
Main technical datas
rated insulation voltage 660V
rated operating volting/main circuit/auxiliary circuit
horizontal busbar rated current °‹4000A
rated short time withstand current£®1S£© 50£®80£©KA
rated short time peak current 105£®176£©KA
protection degree IP30,IP40

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