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XYWB HV reactive power compensation cabinet

General Description
XYGWB Series High-Voltage Reactive Power Compensating Cabinets are the on-site reactive power compensating devices that our company has designed and developed for large and mediumsized asynchronous motors.A compensating cabinet will be wired in the stator of a high-voltage motor in parallel directly to compensate the reactive power consumed by the motor,raising power factor and improving the quality of power supply.They are suitable for the driving machines used in the fields of metallurgical industry,mining,building materials,petrochemical and mechanical industries.

Performance Characteristic
1.Power factor can be raised to over0.95.
2.Lightening the burden on distrbution tranformer,reducing the loss of circuit and tranformer and improving effciency of transforming equipment.
3.Having the function of self-discharge.Remainning voltage will step down to that is less that is less than 50V in three minuets after it is powered off.
4.Reducing reactive loss and prolonging the service life of equipnent.
5.It is cut in automatically when main device is powered on.It is safe in service and convenient to maintain.

Main Techical Parmeters
Model External dimensions(mm)(LWH) Compensating capacityKvar Rated voltageKV
8607602000 50 310
XYGWB-75/ 8607602000 75
XYGWB-100/ 8607602000 100
XYGWB-150/ 10008002000 150
XYGWB-200/ 10008002000 200
XYGWB-250/ 10008002000 250
XYGWB-300/ 10008002000 300
XYGWB-350/ 120010002300 350
XYGWB-400/ 120010002300 400
XYGWB-450/ 120010002600 450
XYGWB-600/ 120012002600 600
XYGWB-800/ 120012002600 800
XYGWB-1000/ 120012002800 1200
Notes to Order
Device in XYWB series are not suitable for the motors to be run in short period of time and that to be started frequently.
When order arises,please in form us with related technical parameters of the motor,such as rated voltage,current and power fator before and after compensation.

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