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GQP-03 HV synthetic starting cabinet

General Description
GQP-03 HV synthetic starting cabinet is widely is widely used for starting 610KV380KV2000KW wire winding asynchronous motor.This equipment has the advantages of simple structure,reliable operation and good protective property.Add it can be used for light load starting or heavy load staring the motor of ball mill,air compressor,crusher,large fan,large water pump,etc for the industrial department of building material,metallurgy,steelchemical engineering,mine,petroleum,etc.This cabinet can be provided with DCS interface to meet the nedds of user.
Running Conditions
This equipment should be installed in doors,and it can run normally under the following conditions:
(1)The height above seal level should be not more than 1000m;
(2)The temperature of the surrounding medium should be not higher than +40 and not lower than-30;
(3)The relative humidity of the air should be not more than 85%(Within 205);
(4)It should be installed perpendicular to the ground and its installation gradinet should be not more than 5.
(5)The amplitude should be not more than 0.5mm,and the frequency should be not more than 600per minute.
(6)It should be within the medium against explosion,and there cannot be the gases corroding metal or interfering insulation and the conducting dusts in the medium.

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