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KYN28 HV switch cabinet

KYN28A-12 lndoor metal-clad withdrable switchger is suitable for the system of 3-10KV three-phase50Hz single busbar and single busbar by-pass,mainly used to power plant, middle/small generator send electric power system secondary transformer incoming feeder,as controlling,protecting and monitoring device.The switchgear meets the standards of DL/T404-91,IIEC298,Gb3906.It equipde with prevention of loading pulling circuit breaker hangcart,prevention of maloperatingcircuit breaker,prevention of closing circuit swith,prevention of accidently entering energized sepatate zone,prevention of closing earthing switch interlock with energization.The switchgear cane equiped with both VS1 vacuum circuit breaker and ABB VD 4 circuit breaker.It is really an excellent distribution device.
Technical datas
rated voltage 12KV
rated current 630-3150A
ratde short-circuit breaking current 16-50KA
rated sgort-circuit making current 40-125KA
degree of protection IP4X(out shell)
IP2X(Interruptersí»sdoor opeen)

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